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Hamilton Band Resource

This page is a work in progress and aims to capture accurate information on all current 'Hamilton bands' as well as the history of Hamilton bands that are no longer together.


The criteria for being a 'Hamilton band' are as follows:

  • The band originated and still resides in or around the Hamilton area
  • The band originated in the Hamilton area but now are based elsewhere (eg: Yokel Ono, The Datsuns)
  • The band originated elsewhere but are now based in the Hamilton area
  • The band originated elsewhere, were based in Hamilton area for a fair amount of time, but are now based elsewhere
  • The band falls within a criteria above but are no longer together/performing
  • The term "band" includes solo artists, duos, and fluctuating collectives.

Adding Bands

See Bands with no information for a list of bands that do not yet have Wiki pages established. Help out by adding information! To add a new band, just create the page and add [[Category:Bands]] to the bottom of the page.

Not Specifically Musical Groups

Include here those groups and organisations that, though not bands as such, are affiliated to the Hamilton music scene. See also groups with no information.

Hamilton Related Bands

For bands with strong links to Hamilton, but that do not fulfil the criteria to be a "Hamilton band", see Hamilton Related Bands. This page has been created for:

  • prominent bands formed outside Hamilton, but featuring ex-members of Hamilton bands (e.g., Girlinky, Grande Cobra, Mi-sex)
  • bands from outside Hamilton that have included members who have gone on to form prominent Hamilton bands (e.g., The Lemmings, Number Thieves).

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