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7Ghosts cover art

DateMonthYear describe themselves not as a band, but as "a flexible recording/performing unit". It had existed as three entities; 1) as "DateMonthYear-lite", comprising solo or unplugged work, 2) as a more conventional ‘live’ band, and 3) as a group combining experimental and electronic elements to their live sound. The band-name DateMonthYear came while core-member Trevor Faville worked at a London hospital where, for fun, he decided with colleagues to find band names based on anything they could see around them; the phrase Date: Month: Year: was on a patient admission form.

DMY in 2003
Members have included Trevor Faville (drums, vocals), Emma Koretz (vocals), Tyler Leet (guitar), Grant Blacker (guitar), Brooke Baker (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Shaye Simpson (vocals), Bevan Galbraith (bass), Sehai Orgad (vocals), Brad Kerr (guitar), Jeremy Graham (bass), Simon Hirst and Mike Anker (bass).
Thegreatdatemonthyearguitaremixchallenge review in the Waikato Times

DateMonthYear have released one EP, Sampler (2003), and three albums - 7Ghosts (2004), Thegreatdatemonthyearguitaremixchallenge remix album (2007), and Pot/Kettle/Black (2008). Five songs from the 7Ghosts album were used in a feature film, the New Zealand "erotic thriller" Luella Miller (2005). A song called Riverdragon was released in 2011, a song originally written by students of Fairfield College with Faville years earlier.

Performances have included a concert with Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra, where Faville arranged the bands music for a full orchestra. In January 2016, DMY undertook a triple music video release, where three different film-makers were invited to make videos for a DMY song of their choice. These included a video for River, written with Jae Lurman.


  • Prelude appears on the 2009 compilation One
  • Work appears on the 2009 compilation Two
  • Spit Out the Sun appears on the 2016 compilation Lost on a Highwire


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