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Cover art from "Set"

The Emersons were formed in early 1991 as a two-piece, featureing Adam Hyde (guitar) and Greg Locke (drums, guitar, bass), and later added Gillian Boyd (bass, vocals). At some point Gillian moved to Wellington and Kent Ericksen played with them for a short period. They are known for their dimunitive performances and the unusually high number of people that never heard them. They took their name from the philosopher Raplh Waldo Emerson. While the Emersons played all originals, except an almost-cover of Wild Thing (called 'Mild Thing'), an off-shoot band called The Waldos (featuring Adam and Greg) played mostly Spacemen3 covers.

The track Eagles featured on Discordia Concors, and they released two tapes. The first, The Famous Emersons tape was recorded as a three piece, while the second, Set, featured 7 songs recorded while a two piece (just Hyde and Locke).

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