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Ghosts album art by Barracks

Barracks are a post-hardcore band, with members spread among Rotorua, Tauranga and Hamilton. They formed in 2010, featuring members of Rotorua/Hamilton Death metal/metalcore band Acalmbefore; Simon Power, Kane Lazenby and Martin Mihaka. This lineup recorded their first EP, We are the Lions, in 2010. By the time of the release of 2014's Ghosts album, they had replaced their vocalist with Jared Ipsen (ex-Grasping Silence, Nightmares). Ghosts debuted at #1 on the iTunes metal charts.


Band Members[edit]

  • Jared Ipsen - vocals
  • Jin Song - guitar
  • Tom Revell - guitar
  • Martin Mihaka - bass
  • Hunter Branch - drums, vocals

Past Members

  • Kane Lazenby - bass
  • Keir Scott - vocals
  • Simon Power - drums

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