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Janna - Aaron - Paulie

Grande Cobra were formed in Auckland 2003 when guitarist/songwriter Aaron Wood and bassist Janna Royce, both from Cambridge, joined forces with Hamiltonian drummer Duane Kennedy (Krazy 88's). After gigging around Auckland and Hamilton for a wee while they recorded their first single Low before Duane left the group to pursue other interests in 2004.

Next to fill the void was ex-Htownian Aidee Walker (Duchess) who was with them briefly to tour Australia and to record the b-side of the second single Exploitation before Aaron and Janna moved to London in June 2004 where they meet up with another ex-Htownian, Paul Fitness (Tweeter).

Since then the band have released another single under Hellsquad Records and have been touring extensively around the UK and Europe playing with The Sewergrooves, Division of Laura Lee, Bad Wizard and Mika Bomb.



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