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Big Elephants at 9 Bands For No Bucks, Nov 2003

Big Elephants formed in early 2002. Originally the band was ex-Sequester members Rob (guitar/vocals) and Arie (drums), and Bayu. Dan Duran joined early on, offering to play bass until they found someone better to.

The group peddled their brand of Smashing Pumpkins/Tool/Joy Division alt-rock until splitting at the end of the year - their final gig being in front of a couple of thousand people at November's 9 Bands For No Bucks. Rob is now pursuing a solo acoustic career, Dan Duran went on to form Vetox, Radio Over Moscow and Dharma Police, Arie now sells property and occasionally does session drum work for Rob, and Bayu is believed to be a television actor in Indonesia.

Flyer for first Big Elephants gig, 2002

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