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From the ashes of Love and Violence, Scott Newth and Andrew Newth formed FALLen in 1997, with the inclusion of former Love and Violence drummer Mark McGeady (a.k.a Marky Mark - also of Department of Corrections, The Postlethwaites, and Adam Killer) and Chris Johnson on guitar. Johnson was later replaced by Chris Paki, formerly of Pregnant Hippies, Hapukalypse Now and later, Raleigh 20.

Where Love & Violence were sometimes compared to '80s electro groups such as OMD, Depeche Mode and New Order, FALLen focused more intently on the darker, industrial undercurrents of their previous incarnation as Love and Violence; hence the name-change to emphasise the new direction. The band clearly and purposefully aligned themselves alongside similar artists including industrial-noise 'supergroup' Department of Corrections, dark-ambient/post-industrial duo Usine, gothic rockers Disjecta Membra and blackmetallers Lure and were very active in this circuit until about 1997.

Unfortunately this did not prove to be a popular move and FALLen failed to achieve the recognition Love and Violence had once seemed destined for, with their comparatively danceable electronic pop sensibilities. FALLen had one untitled track released on the 1997 Green Eggs and Hamilton compilation and gradually became inactive. Scott Newth became heavily involved with Contact and Andrew Newth focused on his solo project Southern Tribe. The brothers also co-founded the completely different project Rumpus Room in 1997. Over the years Rumpus Room has also featured Scott Brodie of Love and Violence & Chris Paki from FALLen (among others).