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Second Sin cover art

Deathnir (pronounced "death near") are a heavy metal band based in Hamilton, New Zealand, originally formed in 2013 by brothers Adam Johnson and Andrew Carter under the management of Alex Johnson. Upon recruiting guitarist Rey Beher, Deathnir had their first performance at Biddy Mulligan's Band Battle in July 2013 with Carter on drums. Shortly afterwards the band recruited Andrew Wild to play drums and they recorded their first self-titled EP in 2014, before Wild and Benher departed. Matt Mooney joined soon after on drums.

After making it through the regional finals in the Battle of the Bands 2014 National Championship in Auckland on 20 December 2014, Deathnir worked on recording and producing their first full-length album, titled Die by the Axe. Mooney left, however, before recording was complete, and session musician Tom Meslager was asked to re-record the drums for the entire project, which was completed in early 2015. Shortly after Die by the Axe was released, Deathnir was joined by drummer Luke Elliot. The band has since performed all over the North Island of New Zealand.

In May 2018, Deathnir released their second album, Second Sin. From the album, the song Wings of Death was included on the promo-compilation Metal United Down Under Volume II. Significant gigs played in 2018 included Killfest, and from late December to early-January the band played in Yulin, Nanning and Guangzhou, China.

Members Andrew Carter and Adam Johnson were previously in Hamilton heavy metal cover band Icebreaker.



Die by the Axe associated art
  • Andrew Carter - Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar (2013-)
  • Adam Johnson - Bass, Backing Vocals (2013-)
  • Raana Paterson - Drums (2018-)
  • Grant Holden - Guitar (2018-)

Past Members[edit]

  • Andrew Wild - Drums (2013-2014)
  • Rey Benher - Rhythm and lead guitars (2013-2014)
  • Matthew Mooney - Drums (2014)
  • Tom Meslager - Drums (2014)
  • Brad Ion - Lead Guitar (2016-2018)
  • Luke Elliot - Drums (2015-2018)

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