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Darran, Bevan and Mike from Dead Pan Rangers

Dead Pan Rangers formed in 1997 as Mystery Machine, changing their name in 1999. Mike Wilson (bass and vocals) and Darren Nugent (guitar) played together since the bands inception, but the band went through a number of drummers. They won the Band Experiments in 2000 (with Amy Doyle on drums). Bevan Galbraith became their longest serving drummer, from 2003.

Dead Pan Rangers released two full length albums, Dead Pan Rangers (1999) and We've done so much good for so many people (2004), and an E.P. Not much less further than last time (2005).

2005 concert poster for English concert by Dead Pan Rangers, with Girlinky and Grande Cobra

The band relocated to London in 2005 and played shows in England and Germany throughout the year. Bevan Galbraith remained the bands drummer when playing in New Zealand, but Tim Clulow drummed while in the UK. They returned to New Zealand in January 2006 for a short tour. A compilation featuring tracks from their albums and EP was released as a bonus CD with A Low Hum (Series 3, Issue 2).

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Dead Pan Rangers at Diggers

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  • Band far from Dead Pan over Contest Win, Waikato Times, 21 July 2000, P3

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