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Chris, Sarah, Rob and Scott from Girlinky
Scott, Chris, Rob and Sarah from Girlinky

Based in England, Girlinky initially comprised entirely of ex-members of Hamilton bands; Scott Brodie and Rob Talsma from Inchworm, and Sarah Ferguson from Tobermorie and Inspector Moog. They released their debut single, My Huge Head, in 2001 with this lineup. In 2003 they released their first and only album, I want the Tsunami. By this time they were a four piece, with the addition of English guitarist Chris Ayles. Girlinky broke up in early 2006 with four singles and one album under their belts. Brodie, Talsma and Ayles went on to reform Grok (initially called Grok 2), playing music in a style similar to Brodie's former band of the same name. Sarah, Rob and Chris were also involved in a band called Dobra Robota.


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