Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgängers

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Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgängers

Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgängers are a psychobilly band formed in mid 2005. The lineup consisted of Dick Dynamite (aka Ricky Kimber-Bell) on vocals and upright bass, his brother Sammy Featherbelly on guitar and "Sweepin' Slim" Chris Dalziel on drums. The bands first gig was an open mic night at a bar called Fat Bellies in Hamilton. They were in the final of the Band Experiments 2008, came runner up in 2009, before winning the competition in 2010. The first drummer was Matt, who was later removed from the band and replaced for one show by Eric, and then Chris.

The band played a final gig in Hamilton January 2012; however, they have continued to play from their base in London, through the UK and Europe. Sam Featherbelly left the band in late-2012, replaced on guitar by Laurence 'Loz' Hawkins. Drummer Chris Dalziel left the band in May 2013, and was replaced by Aitor 'Sleepy' Gonzales. The band played Hamilton and other New Zealand gigs again in January 2015 as part of a 10 year anniversary tour.


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