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Don't get too Close single

Flight X-7 was a band from the late 1970s to early 1980s that were for a time were based in Hamilton. Formed in Hamilton in August 1977, the band were initially called Flight 77, and evolved out of another band, Euphoria, following their break up. Their initial lineup was Jeff Clarkson (who travelled down from Auckland for performances), Warwick Keay (bass), Philip Smart ('Smartie'; drums) and Simon Page (keyboards). Bruce Leighton (guitar) joined soon later. The band played the Nambassa Music Festival in front of 45,000 people in 1979 (as Flight 77), and appeared on the associated compilation "Festival Music".

In January 1979, the band changed their name to Flight X-7. They released two singles in 1980, and on 15 September that year supported English new wave band XTC at the Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland. In 1982 Flight X-7 played support for Roxy Music at the Sweetwaters Festival in Ngaruawahia to a crowd of over 75,000. Their single "I Lose Control" spent three weeks in the New Zealand charts, peaking at #30.

Tim Powles and bassist Warwick Keay left and formed Mad Ranks, and eventually went on to rejoin Mark Stanton in Wellington band The Knobz, while Powles currently plays in Australian band The Church. Paul Turney moved to the UK in 1995 as an audio engineer who later specialized in audio and video archives.

Band Members[edit]