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Mainstream hard rock band Blackjack, comprising Paul Martin (guitar), Gavin Dempsey (vocals, guitar), Scott Davies (bass) and William Hammond Parker (drums), released their first single Outta Here in the early 1990s, and their first album Deal in 1993. They released several singles including Now You Fly (two weeks in the New Zealand singles charts, peaking at 38) and Spinning Wheel (four weeks in the charts, peaking at 38). Pete Westbury (drums; formerly of Nod and Sticky Filth) joined for their second album, Kicasso d'Muse, released in 1995 on Hark Records. Gavin left soon after release, replaced by Kerry LeLievre. A third album, Occult Ritual was released in 1998 with Jason Skelton on guitar and vocals for the lead five tracks, Don McClumpha on bass and Alan Grady on drums. Paul Martin is now in the band Devilskin.

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