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Brian 'Woody' Woodhouse was a country and folk singer who began his musical career in Taranaki, appearing on the radio, in cabarets and playing at 'Festival of the Pines' in 1964. After a short period of time in Christchurch, where he trained as a teacher, and a stint as principal at Pihama, he moved to Hamilton in 1956. From this time, he continued to perform in cabarets, on the radio and one television (Stars on Sunday and the Country Touch). While based in Hamilton he released two 7" EPs. In 1965 he released Woody Sings, and in 1968 There's Gold and Other Legends. Into the 1970s, Woodhouse's attention had turned to jazz, leading the 'Brian Woodhouse' (a.k.a. 'Riverina Four'); this quartet featured Woodhouse (piano), Brian Hawkins (drums), Alan Midgley (bass) and Kevin Wilson (guitar). He played at the Riverina for around seven years. In 1984, he moved with his family to Tauranga. Forming a new quartet there, he released three CDs there are 'The Woody Woodhouse Quartet