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Daredevil were a hardcore/metal band formed c.1999. The band featured Bennett Row (vocals; ex-Shinkasta) and Mark Seeney (drums; ex-Arkane, Misled by Lies), Mark Newbold (bass; ex-Shinkasta and Vargas), Aaron "Bones" Carter (guitar; ex-Arkane and Vendetta) and Christian Pearce (guitar; ex-Ghidrah). They had the tracks Unworthy and Crazy Legs released on the 2001 compilation Against the Wall, which were meant for their own EP demo. They recorded seven songs at Stage 7 (an early hardcore/punk venue in Knox Street), but the demos were never released; these were recorded by Evan Short of Cobra Khan and Concord Dawn.

Daredevil's name was originally going to be Return to Soil, which was changed for their first song title. The bands' sounded was along the lines of U.S. band Disembodied. They played gigs in Hamilton, Auckland and Wellington, including shows with DSM, Sommerset, Kitcsh, Day One and A.O.V, and they supported U.S. band One King Down.

Daredevil disbanded in late 2001.

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