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Danse Macabre was an early incarnation of Disjecta Membra arising from 1987-1988, comprising solo/DIY/home-recording experiments of Michel involving Casiotone, guitar, spoken word and various 'found-sound' noises and percussions. The project was shelved in 1988 when Michel became a member of Nösferätu, and was resumed in 1991 following the band's collapse. The name was changed to Disjecta Membra in 1993. Danse Macabre '91-'93 may have also involved past members of Nösferätu (?).

On Danse Macabre and Nösferätu:
Neither of these projects resulted in any noteworthy output, but I mention them as they were central to Disjecta Membra’s genesis. The earliest demos of “Cathedral” and “Third Song” among others were recorded at this time under the Danse Macabre moniker
- from 13 Questions with Disjecta Membra (Jan, 2006) on Cathedral 13 Radio, USA

Cathedral and Third Song appear on the Disjecta Membra album Achromaticia, which also features a track called Danse Macabre.

This band should not be confused with the early 1980's synth band from Auckland, also known as Danse Macabre, who released the 1981 EP "Between the Lines" on Reaction Records.

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