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Scott, Justin and Rob of Inchworm

Inchworm were one of Hamilton's more successful indie pop/rock bands in the mid to late nineties. The band formed in 1993 when drummer Rob Talsma (ex-Dream Mary) joined with Spatula Death's Justin Harris (guitar) and Scott Brodie (bass). The band shared vocal and song-writing duties.

Inchworm burst onto the scene, winning the 1993 Waikato Rock Awards. They turned down the five year deal they won with Hark Records, choosing instead to release recordings independently on their own Dedear label. Their debut EP, "Looper", was released in 1994. The band then contributed the track "1987" to "The Fridge" compilation in 1995. The album "Shiny" was recorded between February 1995 and February 1996, and included re-recorded versions of two of the tracks on Looper (Come out, Come out, wherever you are and It means a lot to me). It was released on May 10, 1996, with a release party at The Exchange supported by Scribbler and Love and Violence. The band’s second album (and final release) was "You Are Only Here", released in 1997. You get to me, from this album, was included on the Green Eggs and Hamilton compilation.

City Weekend story, September 10, 1999, prior to Scott and Robs departure to England

Inchworm were awarded NZ On Air funding for three music videos (all directed by Greg Page) and self-funded two others. Their videos, Shine, It Means a Lot to Me, Come out, Come out, wherever you are, Umbrella and Give Up, all received TV airplay. In all they had tracks on six Hamilton music compilations and contributed seven times to the NZ On Air Indie Hit Discs (more than any other band in the latter compilations history). The band played regularly in Hamilton, and undertook three national tours. Significantly, they played the Big Day Out music festival in 1996.

Inchworm played their final gigs through 1999. A tribute gig was held on 24 April 1999, which included Schrodinger's Cat, The Grinners, Nodrog, Southern Tribe, Rumpus Room, MSU and Hollow Grinders; each played songs by Inchworm. In an article in September 10 1999, City Weekend reported the band were leaving Hamilton to base themselves in London. However, Justin did not join the other two. In England, Scott and Rob formed a band with Sarah Ferguson (formerly of Tobermorie) called Girlinky.[1] Girlinky released a cover of the Inchworm song Umbrella on their first single, My Huge Head. Following the breakup of Girlinky in early 2006, Scott and Rob have played together again in Grok. A three song EP titled Tapeworm was released posthumously by Inchworm in 2007.

In 2016, the band reformed for a one-off, sold-out, performance at Nivara Lounge. In the days leading up to the performance, the band spent time at The Porch Studio recording new songs for a potential future release.


"Shiny" tour advert, Rip it Up, June 1996

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