Waikato Rock Awards

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The Waikato Rock Awards was a music awards ceremony held at the Founders Theatre in 1993 and 1994. There were two main categories, "best live act" and "best band". The innagural best band award was won by Inchworm. Their prize included a "$20000 recording contract" with Hark Records and a NZ on Air music video. The band later turned down the contract and released material independently. "Best Live band" in 1993 was won by The Pilgrims. The finalists for 1994 were No Thrills, Loose New Romans and Romantic Andes. The 1994 event also included a number of new award categories, such as best male vocalist, best female vocalist and best album. The Nerve won the best album category for their CD Gobby. Tim Armstrong won best male vocalist and best recorded work in 1993.