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Greg Page

Renaissance man of Hamilton: Film-maker, claymationist, cartoonist, artist (including exhibitions in Auckland and at Metropolis Caffe), Contact 89FM announcer, UFM breakfast host, drummer for Hamilton bands Rumpus Room and World War Four, singer for POP Squad, and long-time Vodafone voice-over guy. He has also been the drummer for Auckland band Ishtar

Greg is best known for his film making. He attended Wintec in Hamilton but, ironically given his future success', failed their Media Arts course on attendance. However, he gained early international recognition for his four-minute short film, Decaff (1995), which was selected to play at the Zagreb Film Festival. His second short film was Sarah's Washing (starring Joel Tobeck), before making his first full length film, The Locals (2003).

In New Zealand he is known as a prolific maker of music videos, with over 80 produced to date. This number has included a large proportion for Hamilton bands, including "JBS" by Rumpus Room, "Shine", "It Means a Lot to Me", and "Come out, Come out, wherever you are" by Inchworm, "Super Gyration" by the Datsuns, "Confessional" by Love and Violence, "Leather and Tattoo's" and "Home by Two" by 48 May, and "Wolf" by Chuganaut. His support of Hamilton music is also evident by four bands appearing on the soundtrack to his film The Locals. Video's made for (non-Hamilton) New Zealand bands include those for P-Money (Stop the Music), the D4 (Exit to the City) and Betchadupa (Supa Day).

In 2011 he starred in his own television show, "Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger", with James Coleman.

However, Greg got his big start in Hamilton! He hung around Contact 89FM quite a bit, where one of his first memorable contributions was a series of regular cartoons that were faxed from Contact to other student stations. It was an instant hit and earned COntact and Hamilton much kudos around the country.

Published Articles[edit]

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