In Love With This Town

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In Love with this Town was released in 1996. The compilation was co-ordinated by Mike Clarkin.

Track Listing[edit]

"In Love with this Town" cover art

Loose New Romans - No Shame
Widdershins - Hellbound
Tetnus - Another mistake
Trinket - Moral Dilemma
Nemesis - I likes it
Pinch Roller - NonHugh Grey
Gas - Give
Inchworm - Happy Birthday
The Catholics - Undertow
Lizard - Leave me alone
Mantis - Stranded
Bleed - Assassination
Nodrog - Madder
The Fun Hogs - Sweet Mary Jane
Bitumus - When I want to drown
Nel - Too late
Plunge - Surfs Up
Pugnaut - Jimmy the TFC
The Poppets - Snakes and ladders
Bwa da Riddim - Peeping Tom