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Hark Records was a Hamilton record label run by Grant Hislop dealing primarily with pop and rock bands with mainstream aspirations in early to mid-1990s. Releases included the Blackjack albums Deal (1993) and Kicasso d'Muse (1995), Knightshade's Television Eyes single (1995) and best-of album, Knightshade (1995), King Biscuit's Crazy Dreams single (1994) and Sun Hits The Moon album, as well as Tim Armstrong's solo album Wondering Why (1995). Hark was also responsible for the Bark Number One compilation of Waikato music in 1995. The label closed down in 1997.

Partial Discography[edit]

Ordered by Hark Records Numbers
HKS Series (singles)

HKC Series (mostlyalbums)

Released in Other (or Unknown) Series

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