Year Zero

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Hamilton compilation released in 2001 by Scott Newth's Airwigg records. To date, Year Zero has been followed by further exclusively Htown compilations Zeropointone and Area 07.


"Year Zero" cover art

1. Inspector Moog Milk Biscuit Boy
2. Tweeter Disguy
3. Rumpus Room Fall
4. Pugface Alone
5. Scooter Book 'im Danno
6. The Crimson Scene Well, I Never
7. Schrodinger's Cat Don't Matter
8. Fade Happiness
9. The Datsuns Supergyration
10. Inchworm Once Again
11. Handsome Geoffrey I Sort of Love You
12. Southern Tribe Gothic
13. The Slit Family Pseudos
14. One Man Riot Bleed
15. Death Valley 69 Dirty 33
16. Mobile Stud Unit Marital Aids
17. Trucker On The Rocks
18. Eighty Eight Close Your Eyes
19. 4 Corners The Whole Truth
20. The Hollow Grinders Piha Death Rip
21. Dead Pan Rangers Harbringer
22. Clampers I Wish You Wuz Mine

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