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1996 compilation of Hamilton music. Originally intended as a sampler for Love and Violence, the band decided that as they were sending it out to radio they might as well fill the whole disk and asked the other bands to contribute a song each. It was never sold to the public.


  1. Love and Violence Confessional
  2. Usine Nematode
  3. Department of Corrections D.O.C.
  4. Nihil Seismic
  5. Scribbler Ambulance Song
  6. Pinchroller No. 2
  7. Inchworm Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are
  8. The Poppets Hitting My Head On The Nail
  9. The Andes Long Slow Trip To The Moon
  10. Boil Up Borne On The Backs
  11. Nodrog Alien Motherships