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Paul Tregilgas moved to Hamilton from Rotorua in the late-1980s. He has been the drummer for several Rotorua bands, including Boogadagas, Da Hubcaps, Calamari Bushmen and The Earthlings.

In about 1989 Paul Tregilgas auditioned for Cygnet Committee and was rejected, which soon became something of an in-joke as he went on to become one of Hamilton's most respected drummers in the early 1990s, in various dark and moody alternative bands like The Haunting (1990-1992), Zangiacomo's Eastern Tour (1990-1991), A Crown Of Wild Myrtles (1991-1993), Hapukalypse Now, and its side-project Big Audio Laxative (1992-1994).

It was in these bands that "Paul T", which he became more commonly known as on account of local papers and various bands' liner-notes always spelling 'Tregilgas' incorrectly, began a long association with bassist Paul Oakley; both Oakley and Paul T were members of Zangiacomo's Eastern Tour and Hapukalypse Now. From these circles Paul T and Oakley knew Stan Jagger, another long-term collaborator, who was at this time a member of the folk/blues inflected King Biscuit. In 1992, Paul T and Paul Oakley joined Stan in King Biscuit. All three remained in King Biscuit until about 1995.

Around 1995, Paul T, Oakley and Jagger were persuaded by former Avant Garbage frontman Dominic Worthington to form self-proclaimed "ROCK'N'ROLL" covers band Johnny Fist; who have (bizarrely) now been in existence for over a decade. From 1995-1996 Paul T was also the drummer in the short lived, but hugely popular, Gas.

In 1996 Tregilgas, Oakley and Jagger teamed up with ex-Nerve frontman Jamie Stone to form a more serious indie-rock originals project, but could not agree amongst themselves whether or not to call their new band Mother Trucker or Father Trucker. They ultimately settled for Trucker. Trucker were formed in 1996, and they came second overall in that years Battle of the Bands. Paul T was with Trucker until about 2000, when he was briefly replaced by Terry Edwards prior to Trucker's split in 2001.

Between 1999 and 2001, Paul T was the drummer for Hell's Belles and the Hamiltones, including Stan Jagger. In 2000 Paul T also became the drummer for the popular live ska/reggae outfit Cosmic Ska Child, with former members of Boil Up and Tsunami Band (among others). CSC have continued up to the present-date, with Tregilgas as their drummer. Around the same time he also joined Alla Zingaro, described as "Gypsy music", who remained together until about 2005.

In 2004 Trucker released the posthumous EP Wasted In Heaven and reformed briefly to play shows featuring all former lineups of the band. By this time Tregilgas had also become a member of the abstract Sausuage, and played briefly for Rose Petals and Confetti under the name of 'Tregiz' as a stand-in for Nathan 'Bregiz' Bregmen.

From late 2004-2006, Paul T, Paul Oakley, and Stan Jagger formed the live line-up for the newly reincarnated Disjecta Membra when project mainstay Michel returned to Hamilton after several years.

In March 2005, Paul joined The Shrugs following the departure of drummer Natalie McKelvey. The Shrugs have become Paul T's primary focus, touring extensively with them ever since the release of their An Awkward Silence LP.

In the mid-late 2000s Paul T remained a member of The Shrugs, Johnny Fist and Cosmic Ska Child. He meanwhile joined The Prime Numbers (c.2008), Goulash Archipelago (c. 2009) and later Big Muffin Serious Band.

Paul is a keen collector of obscure Hamilton recordings, and an avid astrologer. He developed a website, Yetiboil, that documented the history of his own bands and was a repository for Hamilton music recordings from the 1980s to the present. The website disappeared by 2011, but in 2012 Paul started a Soundcloud page featuring music from Boogadagas, The Haunting and Hapukalypse Now.



Releases featuring Paul Tregilgas:

Unreleased recordings featuring Paul T by The Haunting, Hapukalypse Now, King Biscuit, Gas are also known to exist

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