How To Knit a Pony

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"How to Knit a Pony" cover art

How to Knit a Pony is The Shrugs fourth album. The album was released at Yellow Submarine on the 24th of May, 2008. Tiny Horse entered the the Kiwi FM top 10, and the album was made KiwiFM Album of the Week shortly after its release. The cover art was designed by Scheurbert.


Additional Musicians



  1. Tiny Horse
  2. Your Criminal Past
  3. Blame it on Someone who Cares
  4. Wilson Carlile
  5. Dead by Morning
  6. The Very Strange Journey of Alexander von Humboldt
  7. I Hear Ya Talking
  8. The Other Side of the Hills
  9. Fairy
  10. I'm a Dork
  11. No Way Jose
  12. Wait for Thunder
  13. Nasty Piece of Work
  14. Geoff Doube
  15. The Cadaver
  16. Pretty Dart