Juice Extractor

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1992 compilation of songs recorded on 8 track by Dave Whitehead at The University of Waikato recording studio and Contact 89FM's The Fridge Studio. The tape was compiled by Whitehead with assistance from Dean Leary, Justin Harris and Scott Brodie. A release party was held at the Waikato Trotting Club in 1992.


"Juice Extractor" art

Side A

  1. Romantic Andes Walk with you
  2. Eidolon Phoedrus Fire
  3. Dribbly Cat Attraction Da Happy Man
  4. Alayna You
  5. Hapukalypse Now Lust Cat
  6. The Postlethwaites Writhing and Gorging
  7. Thunder Monkey Hot Knives
  8. Hey Sam Sam

Side B

  1. Black and White Time Kicking Wicked Rhymes
  2. Dive Big Foot
  3. GIMBIMLYB Sizzle
  4. The Sandbabies Say Goodbye
  5. Tsunami Band Gravity Seeds
  6. Penetrator Burn
  7. Pop Rivets Unemployment song