Zangiacomo's Eastern Tour

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Zangiacomo's Eastern Tour - also sometimes called Sangiacomo's (etc) and sometimes ...Eastern Jaunt were a short-lived band from 1990 - 1991 featuring Paul Oakley (bass), Paul Tregilgas (drums), Simon Wood (violin) and Jacob Rawles (vocals, guitar), with Gillian Woods briefly on mandolin followed by Stephen Judd (also on mandolin). They played only a few times with The Haunting, Book of Martyrs and co., and were remembered for changing their name to Box of Smarties as a 'tribute' to Book of Martyrs at their Purified Seven Times release party. Paul Oakley and Paul T went on to play in many more bands together.
They were also briefly infamous for the anarchic behaviour of Wood, who would play violin solos wearing motorcycle gloves and helmet, and punctuate these solos by smashing dinner plates with his head or by gogo dancing. One of their more popular songs was 'I shot the eggplant (but I didn't shoot no aubergine)', a 'tribute' to both Eric Clapton and Bob Marley. Zangiacomo's Eastern Tour made one trip to Auckland to play a near empty Powerstation with Don't Spook the Horses.

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