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Jude - released 1999

Jude was an album released by Htown indie-rockers Trucker in 1999. Several of the tracks became staples on student radio at the time (UFM). The album was released with a gig at Hillcrest Tavern on 5 November 1999, supported by MSU, Schrodinger's Cat and The Baddies.


  1. Scary Bimbo
  2. Cut Me Down
  3. Hi-Ace
  4. Roach
  5. He Had
  6. He's Your Mum
  7. Up Your Tempo
  8. Breakfast
  9. Morbid
  10. Vatican
  11. Infection
  12. Rock the Harley


"Everytime someone puts this on I hear the opening bassline and jump up to turn it up"
NZ Musician "A solid piece of raw rock"
Rip It Up "Lively vocals, wicked guitar solos and driving basslines"
NZ Musician

Trucker: Jude
By Jennifer Scott

Everytime someone puts this on I hear the opening bassline and jump up to turn it up because I think it is the Pixies! But it's not - it's Hamilton band Trucker and this is their debut 'Jude'. The American-indie comparisons come thick and fast with Superchunk the other main one I note, particularly in the wildly whiney vocal style (whiney in a good way, mind). Recorded at Hamilton's Fridge Studios and on 16-track it has a lovely low-fi sound without losing the grunt of the guitars and the vocals are up nice and loud in the mix. The album opens strongly with Scary Bimbo with cheeky lyrics such as "Your lipstick makes me laugh, your dresses show your ass" and includes their b.net Music Award nominated single, Infection. The energetic and lively vocals, wicked guitar solos and driving basslines are also reminiscent of a young Garageland. While the pace drops a bit in the middle, this is well worth repeated listens, if not for anything else, to frustrate your guests by making them guess who it is!

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