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Rose Petals And Confetti formed in 2003 and played around their home base of Hamilton until 2005, along with the odd excursion to Wellington. With a sound that has been described variously as "goth", "punk", "grunge" and "pop", they were a band not afraid of embracing rock pomp and costume to complement their dark, dirty sound.

Odee of Rpac

The band released a debut EP, cheekily titled The Best of Rose Petals And Confetti Vol.1. They also recorded a music video for the track "Daddy Didn't Care", which is available on the band's web site. In addition to the EP, a full length album of demos recorded solo by Odee was distributed to friends in late 2003. The band broke up in 2005.

In 2008, Odee again began recording under the name Rose Petals and Confetti, and recorded Protests And Controversies: The Best of RPAC Vol.2.


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