Hell's Belles and the Hamiltones

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Hell's Belles and the Hamiltones played covers of '60s girl groups, and were together between 1999 and 2001.

Hell's Belles[edit]

Hell's Belles were originally Vanessa Carnivale, Alida Steemson and Maria Eaton, all of whom sang vocal harmonies. They became a quartet with the addition of Jane Hakaraia. When Carnivale left she was replaced by Penni Bousfield. Hakaraia left after moving to Auckland. When Maria took a break to have a baby she was replaced by Tania Smeaton.

The Hamiltones[edit]

The Hamiltones were Paul Tregilgas (drums), Andrew Dean (bass) and Chris Paki (guitar), who were later joined by Stan Jagger (also on guitar) and in turn Martin Fisher (also on guitar) and Adrian Scott (Bass).

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