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Between 1990 and 1991, Chris Paki played as a member of Jam Sandwich, which also featured Stan Jagger, Adam Hyde, Greg Locke and Gillian Woods.

From 1991 Paki (guitar, vocals) played in another project featuring both Jagger and Hyde; the alternative/indie guitar band Pregnant Hippies, formed by Ross Holloway to play the songs of Holloway's previous projects Two White Eyes and The Alchemist.

From about 1993 to 1994 Chris replaced Wheels as the guitarist for Hapukalypse Now, alongside Jonathan Armstrong, Paul Oakley and Paul Tregilgas. At the same time he was also a member of Big Audio Laxative, the near-identical twin band to Hapukalypse Now (Paki, Armstrong and Oakley).

Paki then formed and fronted Raleigh 20 from 1995-1997 (or thereabouts) alonside former members of Swamp Goblin and Cygnet Committee, Rik O'Kane and Adrian Webclaw. He also played as the guitarist for the Love and Violence and its offshoot FALLen, replacing Chris Fish from around 1996.

Since the mid-late '90s Chris has appeared on guitar in various incarnations of Johnny Fist (with former Hapukalypse Now bandmates), Mobile Stud Unit, and Rumpus Room (with former FALLen bandmates). From 1999-2001 he also played guitar with Hell's Belles and the Hamiltones.

In 2003 he was a founding member of The Braxton Hicks with former members of The Shrugs.

Since 2004 he has been a member of the trio POP Squad, featuring Paul Oakley and Greg Page.

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