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Bitter Defeat's debut performance, Nivara Lounge, 17 August 2018; Duggan on keyboards on the far right

A long time fan of the Hamilton music scene, Duggan has been involved in various roles, while at the same time keeping a relatively low profile. He started his involvement in the early 1990s writing a number of articles and reviews on Hamilton bands for Nexus (1993-1994). Following this, he worked as a Contact 89FM announcer for three years, hosting the NZ music show for two years and was NZ music playlist director for one year.

Duggan played on two occasions with Spatula Death (at the 1993 Avant Garbage event and 2007 "reformation" at the Merry Moley Christmas Party). He made a number of bootleg recordings of Hamilton bands throughout the 1990s, although only one of them was ever released (Inchworm's 'Driver' on the They came to take us alive compilation).

Since 2006 he has been heavily involved in the htown wiki and is responsible for a great deal of its content. In 2014 he started the 'Hamilton Music Wiki' Facebook page, and since 2015 has contributed interviews to the Hamilton Underground Press website and HUPzine. Since 2018, he has been playing Casiotone for Bitter Defeat, and with Rob Shirlow and Phil Grey has hosted the monthly Top 10 of new New Zealand releases show, 'Tekau Nga Waiata Pai' on The Hum.

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