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Stubs are Htown Wiki entries that have not yet received substantial attention from the editors of The Htown Wiki, and do not yet contain sufficient information on their subject matter. In other words, they are short or insufficient pieces of information and require additions to further increase the Wiki's usefulness. The community values stubs as useful first steps toward complete articles. Anyone can complete a stub.

The objective of this article is to provide a general guide for dealing with stubs. The first section contains basic information. The second half, contains more specialized material.

Essential information about stubs

A stub is an article that is too short to be genuinely useful, but not so short as to provide no useful information. In general, it must be long enough to at least define the article's title, which generally means 3 to 10 short sentences. Note that even a longer article on a complicated topic may be a stub; conversely, a short article on a topic of narrow scope may not be a stub. However, in reality, many articles which are labelled as stubs are much longer than that. You can help The Htown Wiki by removing inappropriate stub notices.

Another way to define a stub is an article so incomplete that an editor who knows little or nothing about the topic could improve its content after a superficial Web search or a few minutes in a reference library. An article that can be improved by only a rather knowledgeable editor, or after significant research, may not be a stub.