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Ross Holloway was singer, songwriter, guitarist and frontman for Room 11 (1980-1981), Two White Eyes (1984-1987), Alchemist (1988-1990) and Pregnant Hippies (1991-1993). He also made up one half of the acoustic duos Sour Grapes (1990-1991) and Stephanie Five (1992-1993). Holloway has also performed as a solo singer/songwriter at various times in Hamilton, Melbourne and Christchurch.

Holloway's body of work as a songwriter and frontman between 1981 and 1991 is showcased in the compilation A Decade on the Hamilton Underground, which features predominantly his most successful projects Two White Eyes and later material released under the Pregnant Hippies banner. Two White Eyes also feature on the 1986 Student Radio/Jayrem Records compilation Weird Culture, Weird Custom. With Two White Eyes, Holloway produced some of the most popular student radio songs to emerge from any Hamilton act during the 1980s, leading to live appearances on bills with such New Zealand music luminaries as The Chills, The Mockers, Double Happies, Peking Man and Skeptics. Alchemist appear on the 1989 Hamilton compilation Surf Music, coordinated by Orange Recordings.

Holloway went to Melbourne in about 1993, where he performed as a solo artist for a while, mostly using the acoustic singer-songwriter format in cafés and other more intimate venues. He then returned to live in Christchurch, where he occasionally performed as a solo singer-songwriter. He did well financially from property investment, which has in turn enabled him to set up Creative Strings Guitar School.