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Raleigh 20 were formed in 1995 by former Pregnant Hippies and Hapukalypse Now frontman Chris Paki on guitar and vocals, along with Adrian Webclaw on bass and Rik O'Kane on drums - both previously of Cygnet Committee and Swamp Goblin. Not unlike Hapukalypse Now, the band played covers of punk, post-punk, alternative and indie bands such as Pixies, Nirvana, The Chills, Sex Pistols, The Cure, Joy Division and the like, and had a near-residency at The Exchange.

While on the surface an old covers band might not seem very interesting, Raleigh 20's gigs at The Exchange provided a regular focal point for Hamilton's freak scene, usually filling the venue to capacity on their off-nights. Adding to the good spirit of the shows, punters and fellow musicians alike could often be found joining Raleigh 20 on-stage as "guest vocalists" to drunkenly blat out the "alternative classics" of the late '70s, '80s and early '90s.

In spite of never producing any original music as Raleigh 20, they did in fact make a significant contribution to the original music scene in Hamilton - graciously opening their support slot as a regular opportunity to debut the original music of new alternative bands. Trucker, Gas and Genitus Lung all played some of their earliest gigs supporting Raleigh 20.