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"Scott Newth" playing in Rumpus Room

Scott Newth has been a member of the Hamilton bands Love and Violence (1992-1993), FALLen (1994-1997), Rumpus Room (1997-), and System Corporation (2011-), all of which have also featured his brother Andrew Newth. In the early 1990s he became an announcer on Contact 89FM, and later took on the roles of Production Manager (1995-1996) and Programme Director (1996-1998) for the station. He continued as an announcer and Programme Director on UFM from 1998 to 1999.

In the early 1990s Newth formed the label Airwigg to release an album by Love and Violence, The Nth Times. During his time at UFM he used the label to submit numerous Hamilton bands to NZ on Air. More recently he has used the label to co-ordinate the Hamilton music compilations Year Zero (2001), Zero Point One (2002) and Area 07 (2006). Over recent years, Newth has been best known for acting as sound engineer and producer for the Datsuns, Daisy Chain Halo, and Cornerstone Roots. He has also recorded or mixed a number of other releases over the years. He is also a former trustee of the Hamilton Live Music Trust, and promoter/organiser of the Black Thursday series of shows.

Production Discography[edit]

Love and Violence - The Nth Times - Produced
Inchworm - Looper (Recorded and Mixed)
Inchworm - Shiny (Recoded and Mixed]
King Biscuit - Sun Hits The Moon - Recorded
Knightshade - Knightshade Recorded and Mixed assisting Zed Brookes
The Andes - Rocket - Mixed with Gordon Bassett
BURN - Compilation - Produced
Grok - Bubbles and Noises from the Aquarium - Recorded and Mixed
Trucker - Jude - Recorded and Mixed
The Datsuns - Super Gyration! 7inch - Recorded and Mixed
The Datsuns - Lady 7 inch - Recorded and Mixed
Year Zero - Compilation - Produced
zeropointone - Compilation - Produced
Chuganaut - 11:11 One - Recorded and Mixed
Area 07 - Compilation - Produced
The Datsuns - Head Stunts - Recorded and Mixed
The Lookie Loos - Timing is Everything - Mixed
The Lookie Loos - the Lookie Loos - Mixed
Milk Train - Milk Train EP - Mixed
Cornerstone Roots - Future Is Now - Recorded and Mixed

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