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Mammoth Issue 1 cover

Mammoth was an independently produced live music and events guide, featuring short articles, that was launched in late February 2008. The zine was created by Matt Scheurich, Shane Dudfield and Pete Dawson. Issue 1 was funded by a Hamilton Community Arts Council Grant and the following issues have been supported through advertising revenue. Printed on A4 sized paper and folded down to A7 size, the zine was released every two weeks. From mid-May 2008 (Issue 7), Mammoth was the sponsor of the Mammoth Top 8 on Contact 88.1 FM, with voting undertaken via the Mammoth webpage. They were also responsible for organising Band Experiments 2008. No issues were released between July 2009 and January 2010, with the guide resurrected in early February 2010 by Gavin McDermott, although it did not last much longer.

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