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Harden Up, Ow - Poster

Hamilton Circle Jerk is a long running event that features a number of Hamilton bands of various genres, each playing one or two covers of other Hamilton bands' songs, as well as one original tune. The event was the brain-child of Mark Tupuhi of St Lucy, but in recent years has been organised by Lauren Kerr-Bell.

This event was originally conceived as The Hamilton Circle Jerk. However, it was renamed Harden Up, Ow in the first year to help with promotional purposes. The original poster proved too popular, however, and the Circle Jerk name continued to be used by many Htown.co.nz members. While both names were used again in its second year, 2006, the name again became exclusively Hamilton Circle Jerk by the 2007 event. The event was inspired by a farewell event for Inchworm at Diggers in 1999, where a number of Hamilton bands played a small number of their own songs followed by an Inchworm cover.

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