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Jeff Neems is a former journalist and DJ. He wrote music articles for Nexus in the late 1990s, and in the 2000s wrote for the Waikato Times on music and entertainment, news and conservation and environment issues.

His DJ style - under the alias Cpt Nemo - is eclectic, with selections ranging through vintage reggae, dub, roots, ska and dancehall to rap, hip hop, modern and vintage soul, funk, rare groove and afrobeat, and ocassionally electronica and dance music. He has hosted reggae events at Sohl, La Commune and Go Vino alongside DJ Atmosphere of the Karioi Rhythm Selection and played at several other clubs and bars around town over the past few years. He was part of the Main Street Dub and Downtown Special Crew collectives.

He is currently the resident Saturday night DJ at Wonder Horse, a swanky and discreet cocktail bar hidden down an alleyway off Victoria Street. He is Hamilton's last recognised regular vinyl-only DJ, playing a very broad range of music to the patrons. Patrons are strongly advised not to make requests unless they know him well.

He has also previously been involved in independent radio, with Contact FM, Blowhole FM in Tauranga, as well as Radio Active in Wellington and KFM in Auckland, but not currently involved in broadcasting.

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