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"Distancing" cover art

Sora Shima formed in early 2006 under the name Amelia Blackout, changing to the current moniker in early 2007. They have released three EPs, the internet-only Distancing, 2007s Spinetingler, and Destroy Electronica in December 2008. Their debut album, You are Surrounded, was released in 2014. A popular live band, in October 2008, they won the Band Experiments 2008.

A song from the third EP, Calor Humano, was included on the soundtrack to the film Jinx Sister. Several of their songs have been featured on such luminary radio shows as Tom Robinson's Introducing on BBC6 UK, as well as former Gang of Four member David Allen's Pampelmoose Show on

After largely becoming inactive after 2014, the original lineup of the band (Lurman, Fulton, McDermott & Shirlow) reformed for Future City Festival 2019. After a second reunion show in Auckland's Wine Cellar, Fulton departed and was replaced by Gareth Schott (former Ancient Tapes guitarist) who remained with the band from 2019-2021. Shirlow was replaced by Mitchell Currin in mid-2020.


"Destroy Electronica" cover art

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