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Hollow Grinders in the City Weekend

The Hollow Grinders (briefly called "the Sandhoppers", and playing their first gig in October 1996 as "the Blublockers") proclaimed themselves "New Zealand's best and only instrumental surf band", a claim few could deny. Hollow Grinders started as a trio of Biff Bangle, Eddie Hodad and Dirk Thrust, differing from The Blublockers only in a change in drummer. Later, Hank 'Family Man' Special joined to make the band a four-piece. Line-up changes have continued, with Biff Bangle allegedly faking his own death to avoid further contractual obligations to the group, seeing the addition of Otis Uhh!. Rick O'Kutt has also replaced Hank 'Family Man' Special.

The Hollow Grinders have two CDs, The Hollow Grinders Dig Chicks and Surfin' Taniwha, one 7" record, Bradley's Dunny Crouch, and several other releases. In 1999, Californian surf band The Neptunas released a song dedicated to The Hollow Grinders called Hollow Grinders are Go!. Significant gigs played by the band include Circle Jerk 2018.


Hollow Grinders at Circle Jerk 2018

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