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"Tweeter" (l-r: Fitness, Lineham, Brodie, Ranum)

Tweeter were a guitar-pop group who formed in 1998, and split in 2003 due to members moving to London. Known for their Dandy Warhols/Blur inspired sound, the group released one album (Aces Go Places) in 2001, before making the shift to Auckland and vanishing without a trace.

In their prime however, they were one of Htown's most popular groups. Tipped by many to win the 2000 Battle of the Bands, they were pipped at the post by Dogs On Prozac in the final.

Featuring members of other bands such as Inspector Moog and The Datsuns, Tweeter were a fixture on Contact and UFM with songs like Dis Guy and DC02. They used extensive layers of keyboards and synthesizers in their music, which helped them stand out from other groups of the time. This is best evidenced on their (long delayed) debut album, Aces Go Places.

Christian Livingstone left the group once the Datsuns broke through in England in the early 2000s, leaving Tweeter to continue as a four piece in Auckland.

Paul Fitness was last seen in London, drumming for Grande Cobra and playing keyboards for Grok.



Disguy appears on the 2000 promo CD NZ on Air Indie Hit Disc 13
Disguy appears on the 2001 compilation Year Zero
Happiness appears on the 2002 compilation