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Mark McGeady, also commonly known as Marky Mark, has been drummer for a number of Hamilton bands, including The Postlethwaites (early 1990s), Love and Violence (~1993), Phones and Accessories (1993-1995), FALLen (1994), Department of Corrections (~1995-1997), Adam Killer (~2006) and Ancient Tapes (2014-2015). He has also played for hardcore band Vendetta (early 2000s) and very briefly with Atavistic.

Whilst based in Wellington, McGeady has also rehearsed and contributed drum ideas to Hamilton-based band sink \ sink's debut album The Darkest Dark Goes, although he does not appear on the album itself.

Upon his return to Hamilton McGeady replaced Liam Clancy as drummer for Ancient Tapes. He appears on the Hummingbird EP. When the band disbanded in May 2015, McGeady joined stoner rock band Arc of Ascent.

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