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Formed in late 1993, Lure were a four-piece featuring Adrian Wallace on vocals, Simon Lawrence on guitar, Carolyn Wood on keyboards and Brendon Wishnowsky on drums. They played blackmetal, with neo-classical influences evident in Wood's playing, while Wallace and Wishnowsky favoured a more brutal, "primitive" approach to the genre.

Between 1994 and 1995 they recorded material in a 16 track digital studio, engineered by Wallace and his Usine and Department of Corrections comrade Kurt Joy, which remains unreleased.

Between 1995 and 1996 they were at their most active live, and played a number of gigs with FALLen, Usine, Disjecta Membra, Department of Corrections and Genitus Lung, among others. They appeared in the Battle of the Bands 1996 where they were filmed and interviewed by Static TV. They played their final gig at Sub-Merger in late 1996, Adrian Wallace and Brendon Wishnowsky having decided that they wanted to do something less melodic.

Simon Lawrence and Carolyn Wood then formed Out of Ashes. Adrian Wallace later moved to Wellington.

Disambiguation: A second band called Lure also played at the 1996 Battle of the Bands, but changed their name to 100 Monkeys by the finals of the competition

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