Discordia Concors

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Discordia Concors was released in 1993 at The Hillcrest Tavern. It was the first of three compilations released by Contact 89FM in the early to mid 1990's, the others being The Fridge and Green Eggs and Hamilton. Unlike the other two compilations, this was largely retrospective.

Track Listing

Watershed - Take this that way
Romantic Andies - Anaconda Funky Limbo
Dribbly Cat Attraction - Vulnerable Sheds
Phones and Accessories - Gorhead
A Crown Of Wild Myrtles - Underbelly
Hand of Glory - Thing One
Huge Industrial Artsnobs - Trains
Frybrain - Hanging Out
Emersons - Eagles
Wendy House - Suit Suit, Kill Kill
The Postlethwaites - Broke
Love and Violence - Violator
Frey - Breeze
Book of Martyrs - The Man that Said
King Biscuit - What is Love?
Hitler's Kock - Miner's song
Pieces of Cod - Fall in a Hole
Swamp Goblin - Mudflap
Sinfeeder - Beachcombing/Vaginal hangover
Unit 23 - Lodung One