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Formed in the late 1980s, Pieces of Cod was the brain child of Steven Perdia and Simon Endres. Grant Blackler played lead guitar and Shane Coolan eventually became the mainstay drummer. Vocalist Gavin Hamilton was to gain the esteemed distinction of receiving a review from Kenneth Browne published by Rip It Up magazine where his vocals were considered abysmal. The band lasted several years working with a range of styles from orginal punk to ska to power pop, as well as some covers.

Pieces of Cod performed live gigs in Hamilton, Auckland and New Plymouth, sometimes supporting other bands and sometimes being supported by them. Several recording sessions were held. Pieces of Cod have the track Fall in a Hole, recorded in 1987, on the Discordia Concors CD, and the songs Backlash Baby and Cow on the 1989 TC1 compilation (reputed to be the first ever compilation of Hamilton bands). Two songs, Sunday Morning and the Fish are Dead, appear on the 1987 compilation Suicide City 86-87. Another release, Amphetamine, appeared on the 1991 Ima Hitt Records compilation Celebrate the Sonic Arts, which received good commendation from U.S. student radio.

Pieces of Cod never received the fame and riches they felt they were due and the band went their separate ways. Simon Endres moved to New York and vocalist Gavin "Olewang" Hamilton ended up in Nelson where he performs with bands Limozine, Toxic Fridge Magnets, and Slippery Groove Tube. Grant Blackler works with DateMonthYear. Steven Perdia formed Dry Riser.

For more info on Pieces of Cod contact Gavin Hamilton.

email: goodtime_gav@hotmail.com
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