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Frybrain was a band that comprised of Steve Gray (guitar, vocals), Don Smith (bass, vocals), and Stan Jagger (drums), which existed from 1988 - 1991. They released the track I Wonder on Surf Music in 1989.

In about 1990, Frybrain recorded an album which is sometimes referred to (unofficially) as Goblin Ace:
"There is, controversially, an unreleased album of Frybrain, which none of the members will ever allow to see the light of day. It is still in the possession of Greg Locke of Orange Recordings."
- interview with Stan Jagger, 9th October 2006

Frybrain broke up in '91 and Don Smith went to China. Stan Jagger's musical history has been well documented elsewhere within this wiki. Steve Gray was later in Scooter and Alla Zingaro (both along with Stan) and was also responsible for Runt, in a Malcolm McClaren-esque sort of a way. Stan played in them too.

The Frybrain track Hanging Out later appeared on Discordia Concors in 1993, and Flight appeared on the 2020 compilation In Thrust We Trust..

Published Articles[edit]

  • Frybrain interview, Garbage 2, April 1992
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