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Vendetta was a punk/hardcore band from the late 1990s that included Andre Row (vocals), Adam Lurman (guitar), Jae Lurman (bass) and Mark McGeady (drums).

The band first released a 5 track demo in 1998 called Revenge, which included the song Hamtown Smakdown. The two day Hardcore event Hamtown Smakdown was named after that song. The band released two tracks, "Hamtown Smakdown" (2nd version) and "Burned" on the compilation All we have is Metal. Both Lurman brothers left the band before the recording of these tracks, going on to form Misled by Lies, who existed between 1999 and 2002, while Jason formed Sora Shima in 2006.

Recordings of their songs can be found on the New Zealand Hardcore Past and Present Facebook page.


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