All we have is Metal

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All we have is Metal was a 10 track compilation of Hamilton and Auckland punk and metal bands released in 1998 or 1999. All the tracks were recorded at Knox St Barracks over a single weekend.


All we have is Metal cover art
  1. State of Grace (Auckland) - Lease of life
  2. Day One (Auckland) - Why Wait
  3. Vendetta (Hamilton) - Hamtown Smak Down
  4. Arkane (Hamilton) - Lifeless
  5. Vargas (Hamilton) - Morrow
  6. Vargas (Hamilton) - Drain
  7. Arkane (Hamilton) - Tied Down
  8. Vendetta (Hamilton) - Burned
  9. State of Grace (Auckland) - All we have is hardcore
  10. Day One (Auckland) - Prisoner

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