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Hamilton Underground Press webpage, 2015

Hamilton Underground Press (HUP) was launched in March 2015 with the primary aim of promoting and enabling musical and artistic happenings in Hamilton. The webpage and Facebook page provide news on events, podcasts, interviews and reviews.

HUPzine issue 1

Since their formation they have organised a number of shows, featuring Hamilton bands, those from elsewhere in New Zealand, and several from overseas. Bands from overseas have included Former Friends of Young Americans (USA); Ted Danson With Wolves (Australia); The Wedding Present (UK), Spiral Stairs (USA) and Shonen Knife (Japan).

In January 2016, HUP released the first issue of their own zine, HUPzine, which lasted for seven issues. On 20 August 2016, HUP ran an event called Bandfandango, where four new bands were created by pulling the names of volunteer musicians out of the hat. In December 2016, they released a compilation album featuring bands, both from Hamilton and elsewhere, who had played at their shows, called Life Beneath a Gravel Streak.

HUP organised the Future City Festival between 2017 and 2019. Each was run over two days in March. Headliners included The Datsuns in 2018, and a reformation of Sora Shima and Nadia Reid in 2019.

Since late 2018, HUP and Phil Grey have hosted a Top 10 of new New Zealand songs on radio station The HUM.

HUP was conceived and is primarily run by Rob Shirlow, with help from Ian Duggan and other contributors.

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